Helping the world build

Open Cities

Open source city software available to all

The CityOS


Open tools to help your city

1. Events

  • Open smart city conferences
  • Zero-to-hero workshops on latest technology
  • Hackathons to develop city-specific solutions
  • Fostering local community knowledge

2. Open Code

  • Open source frameworks and libraries
  • Mobile apps templates
  • Graphs, maps, web admin templates
  • Open drivers for devices

3. Open Data

  • Open developer APIs
  • Embracing de-facto standards
  • Data connectors and importers
  • Open data exchange

4. Support

  • Detailed documentation
  • Public tutorials and forums
  • Smart city community network
  • Community lists of best technologies
Open City
The open CityOS platform brings cities to life, visualizing real time data on large displays and mobile apps.
The Way We Do
Smart Cities
Our open library of open source software, APIs, and apps allows local citizens to quickly develop smart cities from scratch.
Frameworks and templates are customizable allowing people to easily design, build, customize, deploy, and maintain smart city apps and hardware. This fosters community support and education of smart cities and helps create local businesses.
Control Room
Pre-built code templates for displaying open city data.
Citizen Apps
Ready-to-go code templates for citizen apps.
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The CityOS event helps local citizens kickstart their own smart cities. It combines a community outreach campaign, conference, tech workshops, and a 48-hour hackathon, all focused on solving the city's specific problems. We bring the most knowledgable speakers, instructors, and relevant technology.
By the end of the final event, the city will already have its first functional applications built by its very own.