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Dubrovnik Hackathon Projects 2015

The 2015 CityOS Hackathon in Dubrovnik was a competition showcasing what is humanly possible in 48 hours. 25 amazing young people created 11 teams and have built 11 amazing apps. Most of them fully functional. What you will see below are videos of them as they were starting. 48 hours later their prototypes were completed! Check them out below and be sure to endorse the ones you like! Spread the word and support these amazing youngsters who are on a mission to change our future.
To qualify
  • Built on CityOS hackathon in Dubrovnik
To score
  • Change
  • User experience
  • Brave the new world
  • Completness
  • Growth
  • Hot areas
  • Internet of Things
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SmartpHome is conceptually based on smart home solutions. The main goal of this project is to increase the security in homes, improve the quality of life, and simplify everyday home administration ...
Very smart and interesting solution!
Smart trash can is an Eco friendly product based on Arduino UNO board. This trash can is able to measure the height and weight of garbage stored in it. This is achieved with ultrasonic sensors, transmitted wave returns back to ultrasonic receiver. Knowing the speed of sound and using the formulas of motion we know the distance between the sensor (top of the can) and garbage. This data is converted to percentage of used space. The second ultrasonic sensor is situated on the bottom cap, which i...
A standard city problem is that a lot of energy is consumed by inefficient city lighting system. By resolving that problem, a lot of energy and money could be saved, and it can be put to a better use. This prototype aims to save energy by providing lights when needed and how much needed. There will be a motion sensors, so the lights will work on full power only when somebody passes by. The coolest thing about this solution is that it saves money. It doesn't disturb the life of nigh...
This project is going to solve a problem of large water consumption in agriculture. Watering uses a lot of water even in days when it’s not needed. The goal is to make agronomists, locals and government very happy, by making watering system smart and easy to use. Which will enable them to save more money and have better products. We are going to use moisture sensor that is going to be placed in the ground. And it is going to send the data to Arduino board which is taking current value and...
This project helps combat noise pollution. Noise pollution is one of the top problems in the city of Dubrovnik. Especially during the summer season, and mostly in the old city. The users will use mobile app to record noise with their phone's microphone. The phone app calculates noise levels and sends data to cloud storage. The web application is used for analyzing stored data and to point out noise locations on the map.
Tracker is a mobile app designed for tourists who make walking tours in cities like Dubrovnik. The app tracks path, store information about it for later review and enables users to store special points (where they left car, nice restaurant to come back later, shop, etc.) with pictures and description. This will enable them later to find spots easier and avoid roaming while finding their way back.
We are working on a project that implements iBeacons and mobile apps. The main idea is that we want to provide the tourist with information about museums and restaurants in which they have discounts by using Dubrovnik Card. We also want to be able to give tourist the opportunity to get additional information about things that they are looking around town and in museums and all of that just by brining their mobile device closer to the iBeacon.
This project is an Arduino controlled smart house. It consists of two systems. One is air quality control (temperature, humidity, gas concentrations), with an alert system for cases of high poisonous gas concentrations. The second is an NFC controlled door lock connected to high voltage relays, which automatically turn off household devices that were inadvertently left running (such as lights, electric stove, air conditioning units, etc.). Users can also control household devices via a smartp...
The system works through Arduino hardware. The project is built around "Piezo Sensor - MiniSense 100" who can detect either continuous or impulsive vibration or impacts. LCD display is also connected to Arduino. So when the sensor detects vibration we can see readings on LCD display in "Mercalli intensity scale".
Project E-citizen is a web application that gives our fellow citizens a unique opportunity to help local authorities by pointing out all the problems in town with simple phone shot and short description of a problem they found in our city. After that, the town authorities get notified and send someone to fix the problem. Second part of the application gives our citizens an opportunity to give suggestions for betterment of our town. Their suggestions get upvoted or down voted by other citizen...
​The project is composed of a mobile application and the hardware. With the mobile application people would know if a specific parking place is available. Hardware is composed of ultrasonic senso...
Great idea...Very useful!