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Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart controllers are an emerging technology for adjusting irrigation applications based on actual weather and soil conditions. The concept of adjusting irrigation to meet prevailing climate and weather conditions is as old as irrigated agriculture. The technology to control irrigation automatically has been included in large-scale commercial systems for some time, but is relatively new to the residential and small commercial sectors. Over the past five years the number of smart controller products on the market has increased dramatically with different manufacturers opting for different control technology solutions. Here we have several brand new IoT ready devices that are controllable with smartphone devices.
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Your sprinkler system is only as good as the brains behind it. Rachio puts everything you need in one place, giving you visibility and complete control over your yard. Easily calibrate soil, vegeta...
Weather based watering, it definitely pays it self.
Now you can control your sprinklers with your smart phone. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
So easy to use, never stuck with all those buttons on sprinkler timers, this one has none of them, just simply setup everything in app
Blossom is a smart watering controller that conserves water and saves you money! Blossom works with your existing sprinklers, valves, and wiring… just replace your out-dated timer with our new te...
With Blossom, I don't think how should I set sprinkler timer plus I save a lot of water and money. And my garden looks like never before.
GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub uses the most advanced Internet, cloud and mobile technologies to intelligently manage garden's irrigation and lighting scheduling, from anywhere, at anytime. In a typical ...
My Lawn is beautiful even when I'm away, it keep everything in other
Mist is the world's smartest sprinkler system. Install the Mist Sprinkler Controller and one or more Mist Sensors around your yard. Mist tracks soil moisture, sun intensity and temperature data in realtime and automatically optimizes irrigation for each part of your yard while using up to 50% less water.
The RainMachine sprinkler controller automatically adjusts your watering amount by lowering it on rainy or colder days and increasing it on hot summer days. The system not only saves water but it a...
Multiple zones, for each type of the plants, so hassle free solution
BlueSpray is a web based Irrigation Controller. With built-in wifi, BlueSpray can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or a smart phone.
I connect my rain sensors and sprinklers on it, and then everything I want I set in app, It's time and money saving solution.
With its intuitive simplicity, the Skydrop™ Smart Watering Sprinkler Controller takes the guesswork out of watering. Using hyper-local weather data to learn how much water your yard needs—based...
Visually it blends in with Nest Thermostat and together they save mi a lot of money and kill a lot of headache that I had before. My lawn is beautiful
Saving water has never been so easy. Spruce customizes your garden's watering schedule to fit your garden's needs. Spruce uses both soil moisture sensors and weather/evapotranspiration prediction t...
I got early bird device, and I must confirm that it's an amazing thing, that helps my plants on hot summer days, and saves me money. Fully easy to use
ET Unity helps reduce your impact on the world’s precious resources. It dramatically reduces your water footprint, provides insights and gives you an unprecedented level of control over your landscape. It is the first of many new sustainability focused products and services from ETwater. To expand the power of this unique system you can always add accessories, and integrate with other smart home products and platforms.