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The time when you had to search for the parking spot for several minutes and even sometimes half an hour behind you. Now with Smart Parking Solutions everyone can upgrade their parking facility with sensors that allow you to see and track parking occupancy and offer easy search and navigation to an empty spot. These solutions are used in over 200 cities worldwide. Here we are showcasing the best in the field.
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OWiN offers you a solution that can both protect and share your space. OWiN Beacon and OWiN Parker will take care of your parking lot worries. OWiN Parker is your very own intelligent parking syste...
It's smarter, simple and beneficial with sharing.
Imagine if you, within just a few minutes, could gain access to drivers searching for parking in your area. With Streetline, you can. Parking providers have instant access to drivers in their area ...
Many big cities around the globe, use this technology everyday.
With the most accurate sensor system available, Fybr provides real-time data and insights to help your community thrive.
CloudParc is a next-generation optics based solution for on-street and off-street “Smart Parking” systems. CloudParc’s groundbreaking and scalable technology enables vehicle identification, p...
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Fastprk is a smart city system helping drivers to find a parking spot quicker and allowing cities to manage their parking spaces more efficiently.
Telensa’s on-street parking monitoring system enables cities to inform automatically road users where to find available parking spaces and to reduce enforcement costs. This system will lead to lower city congestion and higher parking revenues due to increased occupancy rates per bay. The vehicle detection unit uses a magnetic sensor to detect when a car parks over the device. When this occurs a message is sent to the central system via Telensa’s long range UNB radio system. The central sy...
Individual parking space sensors that gather and transmits information for management, payment and compliance monitoring.
Once the car park sensors were configured in the system, you could immediately use the data monitoring, visualisation and analytics available in the management UI.

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SENSIT technology consists of wireless parking sensors that detect in real-time whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and how long it has been occupied for.
Nedap has a large variety of parking occupancy sensors. They are definitely going to suit all of your needs.