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Standard street lighting systems suffer from problems like inefficiency and cumbersome maintenance. Smart street lighting technology addresses all of these issues. Smart street lights can save cities over 50% in electricity costs and reduce CO2 emissions in the city. Smart street lights repay themselves in just a few years and can be integrated with the existing city-wide infrastructure, and communicate outages wirelessly to a central city control room. They work hand in hand with other smart technologies in the city and can be extended to support additional sensors such as weather conditions, noise, and air pollution. Huge savings and easy maintenance make them an ideal choice for infrastructure developers. These companies are producing the world's best smart street lighting solutions.
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CitySense is an award-winning streetlight motion sensor with an integrated wireless lighting control. Designed for the harsh outdoor environments, CitySense offers on-demand adaptive lighting, maki...
Because Tvilight really makes a difference in smart lighting
The multifunctional street lamps connect mobility, security and environment in a unique way. The new lamps provide the possibility to charge electric vehicles. To increase the safety of passers-by,...
The Integration of different Solutions in just one lamp post is very innovative!
C-NODE is a lamp monitoring and control device that is installed inside the pole or lamp. This device controls each lantern by switching it on/off or changing the light intensity. C-NODE can detect lamp burnout or a dead condenser.
Lumine 180 is a control device for outdoor lighting which is integrated with a wireless modem for 2.4 GHz wireless networks, motion detector and capabilities to dim luminaires. This way it can save more than 75 % of your annual energy consumption compared to traditional lighting controls without sacrificing either the comfortability or the safety gained by good lighting.
Imagine controlling your entire lighting infrastructure from a single location - Intelligent luminaires from Philips make it possible. Easily installed and CityTouch Ready, our intelligent lighting brings responsive light to any urban area and can be controlled via the mobile communications network in your city. You will be able to increase safety by providing light where it’s needed and save energy with our efficient and flexible system. Additionally, our complete service package will take...
Petra's Smart City Solution™ converts streetlights into intelligent pole-mounted devices that combine distributed solar power with smart lighting and communications. This network forms the backbone for Smart City applications, improving public safety while yielding strong project economics and maximizing value.