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If you ever tried growing with any of the hydro/aero/aquaponic systems, you have surely faced the problems concerning nutrients and the right amounts of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and several other important elements. Measuring these amounts is crucial in keeping your plants alive and well, and in doing so we use spectrophotometers. There are many different ones, varying in price, precision, number of elements that they can measure etc. Here is a list of the best spectrophotometers currently on the market.
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The Flame spectrometer is built using industry-leading manufacturing techniques that help deliver high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation — without compromising the flexibility and configurability that are the hallmark of Ocean Optics miniature spectrometers. New features such as interchangeable slits, indicator LEDs and simple device connectors deliver more freedom and less frustration.
The UNICO 1000 Precisely designed and ruggedly built, this easy-to-use spectrophotometer is ideal for student use in high schools and colleges. It is suitable for general analysis and experiments such as Beer-Lambert, Absorption Spectrum, Chlorophyll, protein (biuret test) more. The built- in secondary filters reduce stray light and increase precision. The student-proof positive safety stopper integrated with the wavelength dial prevents damage to the monochromator and grating. Large digital ...
V-5000 is a basic model with high cost-performance. High-quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm grating ensure the high accuracy and precision.
The DR1900 excels in the field because it is the lightest and most compact portable spectrophotometer. Your field testing takes you to potentially dusty and wet conditions where other equipment simply won’t be safe. The DR1900 is built for rugged conditions, and it’s flexible, --accepting the widest range of vial sizes. Built with field use in mind, the DR1900 has a large, clear screen and a simple user interface that makes testing easier than ever in even the most demanding conditions. E...
The Jaz spectrometer brings you an unparalleled level of flexibility. Its unique features and expandable platform make it a good choice for applications in the lab or the field, including greenhouse lighting monitoring, remote sensing, process flow, quality assurance, life sciences and many others. Our customers have taken Jaz to wheat fields to detect blight infection, to Mt. Everest to measure UV intensity, and to Greek islands to measure reproductive success of orchids. http://oceanoptics....