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With more and more people on our planet, and high percentage of them living in the cities, one of the problems humans will face is huge amounts of waste. Garbage laying around is just not an option, but how do we overcome this? Check out some of the solutions in this competition, from high scale ones that deal with massive amounts of waste, to the ones that focus on our private spaces. Making the world a better and cleaner place.
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Made by Bruno

Bruno is the world’s first internet connected kitchen bin. With the integrated vacuum cleaner that can sense dust and debris from the kitchen floor, motion sensitive handsfree lid that opens automatically and integrated bag dispenser that sends alerts to your smartphone when you are getting low on bags, this product gives us insight on what might be the future of our private waste management.

Made by Sotkon

Sotkon is a complete waste management solution that offers underground, leak proof containers. Waste is collected through discreet stainless steel intake bins that are visible on the surface, which...
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This solar powered bin is intended for public spaces such as parks, beaches and universities. It is designed and manufactured in Massachusetts, and first launched in 2004. It is a waste compacting bin, meaning it can increase its capacity by 5 times. Mechanism inside of the bin exerts 5.3 kN of force, compacting waste inside of it.
SmartBin is a company that provides remote monitoring for the waste management. Using their UBi sensor (ultrasonic level sensor) together with the web interface, they offer smarter and more efficient way of waste collection. Sensors enable us to know exact fill-levels of containers, which then leads to efficient routes for truck drivers, instead of usual static ones. This cuts down costs and eliminates over-filling of containers.

Made by Enevo

Enevo is a Finnish company that provides predictive planning solutions for waste and recycling industry. By collecting and analysing data from the sensors which are placed inside of the containers, Enevo creates self-learning routes that adapt to day-to-day changes. The company estimates that by using their technology, users can reduce waste collection costs by up to 50%.
Clean Cube is a smart waste compacting bin that is solar powered and has built-in sensors which detect if the bin is full. Waste inside of the bin is compacted up to eight times, which increases the capacity up to 700%, considerably reducing overflow and reducing collection costs by 85%. Intuitive linked software means Clean Cubes are easy to manage and collection routes are smarter and more optimised.