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In today’s fast paced life, time is of great value. New solutions could mean spending a lot less time waiting for a bus. Catching a cab on a busy street during rush hour could easily be avoided. With car prices and costs of maintenance only growing higher, is car sharing the future of transportation? How is it going to be done? Help us in choosing the best answer among the solutions listed in this competition.
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BlueIndy (BlueLy in Europe), is the world’s largest and most successful electric car sharing service. With 12,000 rentals per day, it is quickly becoming an important competitor in the industry. With its dedicated spot serving as a charging station, thus eliminating huge amounts of exhaust gas, could Blue car be the archetype of future personal transportation?

Made by Turo

Turo is an online service that allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles. Just like Airbnb does with rooms, Turo niether owns the vehicles nor maintains them. Rather, they offer a platform for owners and renters to connect, resulting in lower prices as compared to regular rental services. Turo is ideal for people who wish to generate income from their cars while they’re not being used.
Bridj is a Boston-based firm that offers you a cross between Uber and minibuses, where you get to create routes with other passengers. Since there are no fixed stops, and with every vehicle using real-time data to avoid traffic jams, this solution looks like a genuine step towards smarter public transport.
Zipcar is an American company based in Boston, MA, and it offers car reservations to members, who can choose between hourly or daily billing. In addition to these charges, members also have to pay a monthly or annual membership fee. Every Zipcar has a reserved parking space to which it must be returned at the end of the ride. There are already nearly 10,000 vehicles operating worldwide, making Zipcar one of the leaders in car rental network.
DriveNow, a joint venture between BMW and Sixt, was launched in Munich, in 2011. This car-sharing service offers you a car access in the city whenever you need it. Company has had great success in Europe, particularly in Berlin, where over 1000 vehicles operate each day a number of times. As of 2014, DriveNow is used in 6 countries and with 330,000 customers, it's one of the largest car sharing services in Europe.
This German car sharing service offers Smart Fortwo vehicles in one-way rentals, meaning you don’t have to return the car where you picked it up. All of the vehicles are accessible to users wherever parked by using smartphone app. With over 1 million members, car2go is the largest car sharing company in the world.

Made by Lyft

Lyft is San Francisco's very own transportation network company. Based on peer-to-peer car sharing, it is intended for anyone who needs a short ride or has a car available for sharing. Lyft cars are easily spotted since they have furry, pink moustache covering the front bumper, and you also do a fist bump with a driver when entering the vehicle. Customers who use the service say it is the relaxed and laid back attitude of the Lyfters that has them caught up.
Getaround is an online peer-to-peer car sharing service which allows users to rent cars from private car owners, and owners to rent out their cars for payment. Getaround enables remote opening and locking of the car using your phone, so there is no need for meeting with the owner beforehand.