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Reflow Soldering Ovens

The best reflow soldering ovens for producing custom circuit boards. A reflow oven is a machine used primarily for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCB). Reflow soldering is the most common method of attaching surface mount components to a circuit board.
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The i-Pulse M20 is available with several different head configurations to suit capacity and technology demands. The ability to configure the M20 with head variants to handle standard SMT, odd form...
Flexible, high specification SMT placement machines
The INFRARED IC HEATER T962 is a micro processor controlled reflow-oven. It can be used for effectively soldering various SMD and BGA components. The whole soldering process can be completed automatically and it is very easy to use. This machine uses a powerful infrared emission and circulation of the hot air flow, so the temperature is being kept very accurate and evenly distributed. A windowed drawer is designed to hold the work-piece, and allows safe soldering techniques and the manipulat...
AS-5001 Lead Free Reflow oven. The “IR LEAD-LESS REFLOW OVEN” is equipment that used for electronic production and maintain of SMT technique. This product adopts the far-infrared heating components and excellent sensoring temperature materials. Through the precision control of the microcomputer, make the temperature control curve match to the request of the SMT production technique completely. The “temperature control curve” of the equipment can be adjusted accurately, so it can sati...
1. The machine selects the infrared highly effective component to give off heat which independent exploration, adopt advanced PID intelligent controlling warm heating technology, controls warm precisely. 2. Can achieve to heat PCB board and component which contains lead or not,especially suit to BGA、SMD. 3. Use infrared heat, easy to cut through, heat proportion, don’t have sirocco flow. Don’t shift the small component on the PCB board,ensure the welding quality. 4. This machine ...
The third generation model TM245P is Neoden Tech’s independent product, with completely independent intellectual property, adopted the latest research and development of technology.