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Best Aeroponics Startups

Aeroponics, a method currently used by NASA in their space endeavors, is a process of growing plants in air, by spraying plant roots with nutrient-rich water optimized for faster growing. In our future cities, where there are more and more people living in, food sources as we know them may be replaced with some of the new, technology-driven sources. In this competition, vote for the best and boldest disruptor of traditional food growing.
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Newark, New Jersey

AeroFarms is leading the battle to combat the global food crisis since 2004 using its aeroponic growing systems. Its ninth facility in Newark, New Jersey is the world's largest vertical farm. By di...
The world's largest vertical farm, this 70,000-ft facility can produce 2 million pounds of food a year and uses 95% less water than field farmed-food.

Boston, Massachusetts

MIT Media Lab's Open Agriculture (OpenAG) is a project intended to create more healthy, engaging and inventive food system. The team at OpenAG is building an open-source platform that will include ...
Great impact for future farming.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Scissortail Farms in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the world’s largest aeroponic farms, with a capacity of 62,000 plants. They are using a vertical aeroponic tower system by Future Growing to produce fresh food for the region, which would normally have to be shipped from California or Arizona. It uses up to 95% less water and 90% less land than traditional farming. Most importantly, no herbicides or harmful chemicals are applied to the crops.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

By enabling both residential and commercial solutions, AERO is bringing a range of simple and sustainable systems that provide healthy produce. Whether you want to grow your food right on your kitchen table, or you are planning on growing on a much bigger scale, people behind AERO have a solution for you.

Tallinn, Estonia

With this product, growing your fresh herbs is easier than ever. Just plug the device into the wall and pour in the water, and everything else is taken care of. By using special LED lighting, the price of running the device for an entire year comes in around 5 dollars. Add to this the lowered amounts of water used with aeroponics system, and you get one of the cheapest solutions for your fresh food needs.

Boston, Massachusetts

With SproutsIO, you can grow your fresh fruits and vegetables, indoors, on your kitchen counter! This personal system is controlled with a smartphone app that with time, learns about the type of food you are growing and the way you are growing it. Using only 2% of the water usually required by conventional growing, this product could disrupt our typical food behavior.