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Air Quality Innovators

One of the biggest problems of the 21st century is air pollution, especially air pollution in big cities. It is estimated that by 2050, seventy percent of world's population will live in the cities. That is why air monitoring needs to be improved. Internet of Things and its Pioneers in air monitoring are here to help us solve this problem and improve the quality of the air we breathe on a daily basis. In this competition, we honor the pioneers in this field who did significant work on solving these problems.
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San Francisco, California

Mark Belinsky is an entrepreneur and technologist who has developed projects at the intersection of technology and social good in over 26 countries. Currently he is CEO of Birdi, a company that dev...
His goal is to make a positive impact.

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

CEO of NotAnotherOne where he transforms IDEAS in2 PRODUCTS. With Atmotube - Personal environment tracker which continuously monitors the environment around you, accurately measuring air pollution he is helping the movement to improve the air quality around all of us.
Born and raised in the Philippines, Dustin moved to Singapore to pursue a Bachelor of Computing in eCommerce where he first took the leap into entrepreneurship during his time at the National University of Singapore. After 2+ years of advising senior management of Fortune 100 companies and startup CEOs, Dustin was eager to jump back into startup life and teamed up with his classmate, Brian Lin from HKUST’s class of 2015 MBA program to create uHoo. uHoo provides personalized information and...


He is Internet of Things Maker since 2009. He is living and working in Luxembourg and is cofounder & cto @myfoobot. He cofounded Enerux R&D firm developing solutions to save energy for industrial clients. Inouk is involved in R&D projects in: M2M, energy savings, algorithms, embedded hardware, data visualisation. Also he designed smartplug product:

Ljubljana, Slovenia

20+ years of experience in creating, revitalizing and extending businesses internationally with strong background in tech. Spent half of career internationally and lead from teams from startups up to 160 in a corporate environment. Cofounded CubeSensors, an IoT hardware startup from central Europe. They were one of the first smart home devices and still one of the most advanced ones. Together with his cofounder, he bootstrapped the company from the initial idea to the shipped product. Activ...

Vancouver, Canada

Kevin R. Hart is the founder and CEO of a social enterprise called TZOA (pronounced 'zoa'), developing accurate low-cost environmental sensors with the intention of improving worldwide environmental health. Kevin conceptualized a wearable air quality monitor for citizens that crowdsources outdoor pollution data onto city-wide maps in real-time, a product that recently won best invention awards from Time Magazine and Popular Science. Kevin is a Canadian who attended the British Columbia Instit...
Fred brings a wealth of experience as a technologist, with his vision and drive to reinvent the products of our everyday life, as seen in 2012 when he created the first personal Weather Station with an air quality sensor.

San Francisco, California

He is dedicated to making people more aware of the environment around them so that they can make smarter and healthier lifestyle decisions. His product, Awair, is a smart device that helps you track and improve your air and shows how the indoor environment affects your health. Ron is an entrepreneur and a passionate product builder. Before co-founding Bitfinder, Ron has helped build and scale an internal startup unit at Cisco that successfully spun-off from Cisco's internal incubator unit,...