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Aquaponics Startups

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, hence the name. Producing fish and plants in a single system, while dramatically reducing costs of water use. All around the world, people have started changing the way they eat and grow food. Whether you are looking for DIY backyard solutions or beautifully designed commercial ones, here are some of the companies that are dedicated to producing healthy food and making it available to everyone.
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Chicago, Illinois

Occupying 90,000 square feet of a formerly abandoned suburban Chicago warehouse, FarmedHere is the world’s largest indoor vertical farm and the first of its kind in the country. FarmedHere is also the first organically-certified indoor vertical aquaponic farm in both Chicago and Illinois. FarmedHere uses the world’s largest aquaponics system for its vertical farming operation. Fertilized water produced by tilapia fish waste is pumped into hydroponic beds where the plants grow. T...

Austin, TX

Designed by Jack Ikard from Austin, Texas, Aquasprouts is a home system that allows anyone to grow vegetables on their kitchen counter. It allows you to transform any 10-gallon fish tank into a self-cleaning aquaponics garden. It has a sleek, simple design that blends well with any kitchen or living room, and can even be used in public spaces such as cafes or restaurants.

28 Dane Street Somerville, MA

Grove Labs is MIT’s answer to evergrowing food problem. They have found a way of providing customers with fresh, organic and very local produce: by growing in fish-fertilized, indoor aquaponic ga...
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Honoka’a, HI

We stand for local, organic, non-processed, real food, and that is what we grow on our farm, to feed our family. We hope you join us, as America moves from being known as the “Fast Food Nation” to a country filled with “Slow Food Communities.”

W3731 State Road 23 Montello, WI

Our mission is to be the leading purveyor of quality, science-based aquaponic systems, training and support and to promote and cultivate success for our customers in aquaponic food production, helping to fill the global demand for sustainably grown, premium quality fish and vegetables.

1860 Lefthand Cir Longmont, CO

The Aquaponic Source is on a mission to empower people to grow their own fish, plants and food in their homes, farms and schools. We are deeply committed to the advancement of aquaponics as a susta...
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