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Best City Projects for Smart Irrigation

Water is our most precious resource, yet the EPA estimates that more than 60% of irrigation goes to waste. Rising demand coupled with less water availability has driven up rates and forced the consideration of water restrictions and rationing. Conventional practices and irrigation equipment perpetuate over-watering and the impact is felt in our wallets and in our landscapes. Using Smart Irrigation Solutions cities are able to limit unnecessary water consumption and still have beautiful parks and gardens for their citizens. Here is the list of the cities with World's Best uses of Smart Irrigation Solutions
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Every sprinkler can be turned on and off using a mobile phone. The park’s irrigation control system is consolidated through a wireless and centralized computer network. When the grass in one ...
Not only Ramat Gan, but whole Tel Aviv is doing irrigation only when it's actually needed, and you will not feel like you are in desert area.
Parks and gardens irrigation: Around 50 devices have been deployed in three different green zones of the city, to monitor irrigation-related parameters, such as moisture temperature and humidity, p...
Together with other sensors Santander is having great control over water usage.
Smart Irrigation in 11 public parks and gardens, a network of humidity sensors make the irrigation system more efficient and saves water consumption.
Small Cities make difference. Pozuelo is an example. Manage their resources. Make better environment for it's citizens. Unbelievable.
Smart irrigation systems auto-adjust based on the weather so your plants receive the water they need, when they need it. Reduce the chances of over-watering with a smart irrigation system that boas...
Citizen reaction is priceless. Smart Irrigation makes their hobbies more enjoyable in nature.
The City itself uses cutting-edge ‘weather smart’ technology to reduce the heavy cost of irrigating parks. In fact, Calgary has the largest municipal centrally controlled irrigation system in t...
Calgary not only save water in their parks but also helps it's citizens to setup smart irrigation solutions in their gardens, so everyone can benefit.
The City Council has installed a new “smart-water” system for telemanaging the irrigation of the city's green spaces, an initiative that is good for the environment, with its use of latest-gene...
This weather based irrigation together with the app definitely makes it easier to manage park irrigation, and saves water and energy.
California continues to feel the effects of the drought, and the city of Calabasas is doing something about it. On Wednesday Oct. 8, 2014 Calabasas implemented a citywide Smart Irrigation Control S...
Changed irrigation systems in every park in their town. This is clear example how Smart Irrigation should be done.
Over 500 irrigation controllers were installed in Santa Clarita making it the largest smart water irrigation management system in the entire country. When the program is complete, the City can expect annual water savings of greater than 180 million gallons. The City has already achieved immediate budget relief by reducing the cost of irrigating facilities by 25 - 40 percent.
Intelligent decisions have been taken regarding urban planning, especially in limiting growth of the city, in safety and emergency coordination, energy efficiency and smart irrigation systems. 75% of the sources in the city have installed a recirculation of water from the fixed network, stable and complete low pressure. Valencia has installed smart irrigation system (Tigris) pioneer in Spain in 42 of its parks that save 35% water; and wise water management through reuse of 300,000 m3 of treat...