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Best City Projects for Smart Parking

There are so many cars in the world that, even if they were electric and good for the environment, they would still require a space to park. Every day we see more and more traffic congestion just because there is no empty parking lots for these cars to park. These cities are the best of the best in solving this and similar issues connected with the parking.
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In Santander, independent sensor networks were created in different zones that can detect, via magnetic fields, whether a parking spot is available or occupied. To accomplish this, magnetic sensors...
Santander made each parking spot equipped with occupancy sensor. You have to open the city app and everything is there, no more worries about parking
Anyone looking for a parking space in the Swiss city of Zug will from now on be guided by electronic displays and traffic signs indicating free parking spaces. "Parking Guidance System Zug&quo...
A way faster to plan and to find a parking spot near my destination.
Through the streetlight sensors and Streetline parking sensors , residents can be notified when parking spots are available, or even if their meter might be running out.
Dublin successfully uses ParkingTag solution to avoid the search for parking meters and coins for parking payment. ParkingTag Dublin allows it's commuters to register their card plate and use mobil...
Parking with an ease. I love the options that all my family cars are under one account.
The first city in the UK, outside London to install the smart parking sensors. Now users can find and pay their parking places.
There is nothing better than paying for your parking lot from mobile phone. No more running to update parking meter
Madrid is the first city in the world to implement a variable parking rate based on vehicle emissions. In the current discussion about standardised approaches for on-street parking service provisio...
I don't have to pay expensive parking fee in the morning, so I can spend more time with my friends during the morning coffee time
Berlin Authorities and Siemens have installed radar sensors on street lamps along a 656ft (200m) section of the Bundesallee in Berlin, between Walther-Schreiber-Platz and Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz. F...
My venue was near these streets, I was shocked, I never found parking place so easy, I would love to see same thing in my city.
Thousands of sensors are to be installed around Wellington to keep an eye on parking overstayers. The sensors can tell cellphone or internet users where car parks are available and can be linked to...
Tried these on my visit to NZ, and I must say I love it. Fast easy to check if there are some parking spaces left.
London has installed parking sensors in The City of Westminster, and allowed it's citizens to easily find parking space with a smartphone app, which also allow them to pay for their parking place. ...
In busy heart of London it always was a struggle to find a parking lot, but since Westminster installed these sensors I can find parking in seconds