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Best Hydroponics Innovators

Hydroponics is a growing topic. Everyone knows about greenhouse growing and benefits that it provides us (year long yields for starters), but not everyone is still sure about growing hydroponically. Is the taste going to be the same? Are plants grown this way healthy or not? Could the limited understanding of the technology be the reason for these and similar questions? People in this competition have tried to answer some of them. It is up to you to choose the best one.
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New York, New York

Viraj co-founded Gotham Greens in 2009 and serves as CEO. He has developed and managed start-up enterprises in New York City, Ladakh, India and Malawi, Africa focusing on sustainable agriculture, green building, renewable energy, and environmental design. His written work has appeared in several books and publications including, “100% Renewable — Energy Autonomy in Action” and the UN Academic Journal. He has received fellowships from the TED conference, Wild Gift, and the Environmental ...

New York, New York

Paul is a serial entrepreneur who has been successfully running high-tech companies since he left his Wall Street law firm job in 1998.Paul is the CEO of BrightFarms (formerly called Better Food Solutions), which designs, finances, builds and operates hydroponic greenhouse farms at grocery retailers, eliminating time, distance and costs from their produce supply chain. Previously, Paul was CEO of BSG, which owns and operates two integrated software businesses: AL Systems, a provider of solut...

Boston, Massachusetts

Brad McNamara is the founder and CEO of Freight Farms, company that manufactures high-volume crop production units made from up-cycled freight containers. Using advanced growing technology and automation, it’s easy for anyone looking to grow a local food economy to get started – no matter their background or geography.
Mohamed Hage, a self-described “technology geek” turned farmer extraordinaire, is reinventing food production. He’s the president and founder of Lufa Farms, the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse farm—an organic one at that—in an industrial district in the northeast of Montreal. Lufa has a second rooftop farm in the city’s western suburbs and a third one is planned for Boston. Hage’s inspiration came from his childhood village in Lebanon, where he says everyone farme...
Robert Colangelo is a co-founder of Green Sense Farms, 30,000 square-feet vertical farm, largest commercial indoor farm in the United States. This initiative has earned Colangelo a Fellow Award and induction into the Northwest Indiana Society of Innovators. Colangelo also founded and hosts the nationally syndicated weekly radio show Green Sense which features innovators, entrepreneurs, academics, elected officials and policy makers “that are making the world a better place to live through...

Surrey, Canada

The CEO and Founder of Urban Cultivator, company that manufactures sustainable indoor growing appliances for home and commercial kitchens. It all started with wanting to find a viable solution for his wife’s food allergies, and now, company is hoping to give everyone access to growing their own fresh food. Urban Cultivator believes in creating a more sustainable future and lowering our collective carbon footprint through creating a Zero Mile Diet by giving everyone the ability to grow heal...