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Best Smart City Urban Planners

Urbanism is a working methodology for enabling change and delivering complexity in towns and cities. It could be termed ‘emergent’ urbanism, ‘open’ or even ‘responsive’ or ‘collaborative’ urbanism and certainly has the qualities of all. Urbanism requires cities to commit themselves with integrated, sustainable and participative urban growth. The way worldwide cities evolve will guide the future of society not only in the urban development field, but also in their economic, ecological and civic engagement aspects. Nowadays, the main challenges we face require that cities renew their strategies to achieve better living conditions in urban areas, so that they can offer their citizens equitable and inclusive places to develop their daily life. The increasing of urban population worldwide will threaten urban planners and governors with phenomena such as the new urban management system that Smart Cities will need, slum upgrading and inclusive development patterns that guarantee the integration of the former rural citizens in the urban life.
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Palermo, Italy

Maurizio Carta is a really important Italian urban planner and architect. He is full professor of urban and regional planning at the Department of Architecture at the University of Palermo, he teac...
He is the director and the scientific responsible of the "Smart Planning Lab", an applied research lab in advanced planning for smart cities.

Curitiba, Brazil

Jaime Lerner is a Brazilian architect, urban planner, and politician. He is renowned, having been Mayor of Curitiba, the capital of Paraná three times (1971–75, 1979–84 and 1989–92). He was ...
Jaime Lerner placed Curitiba, Brazil on the map as a leading global example of urban sustainability.


Ed is a qualified Urban Designer and Landscape Architect. Before joining Broadway Malyan, he worked as a landscape architect in the UK and Australia, and has experience in both the public and priva...
His philosophy is that all projects should be based on high-quality planning and design.

Den Haag, Netherlands

Maarten Hajer is distinguished professor Urban Futures at the department of Geo Sciences of Utrecht University. Hajer is the author of more than ten books and many articles and contributions to bo...
Read all of his great researches, definitely having knowhow

Wendover, United Kingdom

Kelvin Campbell is a South Africa-born architect and urban designer, with a professional interest in complex urban problems, from those of informal settlements through to urban renewal of the city....
Kelvin has been at the forefront of new urban thinking for many years.

London, United Kingdom

Raoul Bunschoten is Professor of Sustainable Urban Planning and Urban Design 
at the TU Berlin. He is a specialist in Smart City planning and is involved in a range of Smart City and low carbon d...
He is a specialist in Smart Urbanism and Urban Planing,

New York, New York

Anthony Townsend serves as research director of the Technology Horizons Program at the Silicon Valley-based Institute for the Future, an independent research organization. His research focuses on t...
Wrote an amazing book about Smart Cities and how they can be built.

Brooklyn, New York

Mitchell Joachim is acknowledged as an innovator in ecological design, architecture, and urban design. He is also a researcher, and architectural educator. Mitchell Joachim’s specific profess...
His work boldly reassesses the way humans live together in the 21st Century.

Christchurch, New Zealand

James Lunday started Common Ground in 1992 to lead the creation of Pegasus Bay in North Canterbury. Since this foundation project, Common Ground Studio has been involved in a number of prominent ur...
He lead the creation of Pegasus Bay in North Canterbury.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

He has extensive experience working on Economic Development, City Policy and European Policy and funding. I am a trained economist and town and regional Planner. Up until 2012, I led on all things ...
Patric is great Smart City Urbanist, he really looks into new ways of living smart.