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Best Smart Irrigation Innovators

Smart controllers are an emerging technology for adjusting irrigation applications based on actual weather and soil conditions. The concept of adjusting irrigation to meet prevailing climate and weather conditions is as old as irrigated agriculture. The technology to control irrigation automatically has been included in large-scale commercial systems for some time but it is relatively new to the residential and small commercial sectors. Over the past five years, the number of smart controller products on the market has increased dramatically with different manufacturers opting for different control technology solutions. And behind every single new device on the market, there is a person who is committing all of their time to new innovative solutions for Smart Irrigation. So here we are presenting you the Most Innovative Smart Irrigation Pioneers.
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San Francisco, California

Jason Aramburu is the founder and CEO of Edyn. Jason is an ecologist and soil scientist with a passion for sensors and connected devices. He is an Echoing Green Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, Gates Foundation Grantee and one of Forbes’ 30 Social Entrepreneurs under 30. Jason previously founded and led re:char, a successful social enterprise developing carbon-negative fertilizers and soil amendments for small farmers around the world. Jason holds a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Pr...

Oranim, Israel

Odi Dahan brings vast experience in the hi-tech industry in a wide variety of disciplines such as system architecture, VLSI design, hardware, software, the internet, mobile, communications and signal processing. In the past 25 years, Odi served in many senior R&D management positions, including SoC Chief Architect at Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor. Odi managed a System & Architecture team and lead many of Freescale most complex and innovative SoC architecture definition and modeling...

Denver, Colorado

Chris is a co-founder at Rachio where he leads product development. He has successfully designed, developed and delivered valuable products, simple and complex. He believes that great products come from passion and everyday use and that if we love what we build and use it to solve real problems in our own day-to-day lives, others will too. He focuses on simple, clean designs. This is everything from the look and feel to the underlying architecture.

Poljane, Slovenia

Andrej Nastran, innovator, and the brain behind Daisy, smart watering device, lives in Slovenia and is studying Electrical Engineering. Together with his brother, he was searching for the proper watering device for his plants, but they were unable to find what they were searching for so he designed and made his own Smart Watering device called Daisy. He started an Indiegogo campaign and got funded. The device is easy to use and easy to configure and gives you healthy plants.

Los Angeles, California

Pat has been Chairman and CEO of ETwater since 2009, leading the company’s market expansion through the release of innovative new commercial irrigation products and services, along with its growth from regional to national sales and distribution. Previously, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of Lauridsen Group Inc., a privately owned holding company where he was involved in the acquisitions, capitalization and operating transitions of more than 15 companies in North America, Asia...