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Best Smart Parking Innovators

Parking is a $25 billion industry that’s seen little innovation in decades. While there has been a great deal of investment in creating energy-efficient hybrid and electric vehicles, this still doesn’t solve the problem of global gridlock. A car is a car — even if electric — it still causes the same burden on urban gridlock that gas-powered cars do … and the need to park still exists. Thirty percent of all traffic congestion in urban areas is caused by drivers looking for a parking space. This wastes time, is inconvenient, and increases carbon dioxide emissions. Here we honor the people who did significant work on solving these problems. Each day they contribute more and more, and rapidly enable further development of Smart Parking and Smart Cities.
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Melbourne, Australia

Paul Gillespie has been Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Car Parking Technologies Limited (alternatively Smart Parking Limited) since January 7, 2013. Gillespie served as Gene...
He was successful in running two business units providing hardware and software solutions to a variety of public and private organisations.

London, United Kingdom

Eugene Tsyrklevich is the Founder and CEO of Parkopedia Parkopedia is a Wikipedia for parking which provides information on 28 million parking spaces in 40 countries and can be accessed online, by...
Eugene did great job with Parkopedia, it helps me a lot, each and everyday.

London, United Kingdom

Eskinazi studied Mathematics at University of California, Barkley where he become Bachelor of Science. In May 2006, towards the end of his post university ‘Round-the-World’ trip, Anthon...
Used it 3 times in Oxford and really it's a breeze- if this is the future - we are going to have it very good :) Thank you Anthony

München, Germany

Marcus Zwick is the Head of Innovative Mobility Solutions within Siemens who implements demonstrator projects to design, test and evaluate mobility and logistics technologies for tomorrow. He is wo...
Dank Marcus in Berlin mit schneller Parksystem.

San Francisco, California

Transportation planner with a focus on infill, transit-oriented and sustainable development. 18 years experience covering all modes, along with tools to balance the needs of each mode against the o...
Jeff is an expert in helping communities move from discord to agreement about the future.

Washington, District of Columbia

David Cummins, senior vice president of parking and mobility solutions at Xerox, worked with the Los Angeles city to create a system that uses a dynamic pricing algorithm to better match parking pr...
He is establishing new ways that are not only full of new technologies but is also full of creative and easy ways, so everyone get parking fast & easy

San Francisco, California

Kurt is an early stage pioneer in many industries. He helped developing of PC, pen-computing, ecommerce, digital media, DVD games, computer virtualization, collaborative filtering and now he is hel...
Kurt has been an agent of change via technology for 30 years.

Tallinn, Estonia

Kustas is young and passionate entrepreneur. He studied mathematics at Tallinn University of Technology where he did Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. While studying he and his colleagues have ma...
Inovations in both car and bike parking. Well done Kustas. Looking forward for your next invention.

Los Angeles, California

Donald Shoup is Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Urban Planning at UCLA. His research has focused on how parking policies affect cities, the economy, and the environment. His r...
Shoup provides a simple solution for all those parking problems.


Paul Barter is an Adjunct Professor in the LKY School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore (NUS) where he teaches on infrastructure policy, urban policy and transport policy. Hi...
Expert in smart parking for Asia market.