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Smart Parking Startups

The days of driving around the city looking for parking spaces will soon be over thanks to these cool smart parking startups. Now any parking lot or garage can be upgraded with sensors that that let people find the nearest available parking space quickly. Smart parking sensors are used in over 200 cities worldwide. Here we are honoring the companies that are creating the best smart parking solutions and bringing to the market new techniques and ways to make parking even easier.
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Universal Industries Ltd is a startup company based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The team consists of four students in their mid-20s. Their primary goal is incorporating IoT solutions into everyday life, based on the vision that the future of all cities is adopting smart city concept. They have already implemented a Smart Irrigation System, Smart Solar Benches and a Smart Parking System in Dubrovnik. By implementing these systems, they have only begun to make their city more sustainable, energy eff...

Munich, Germany

The Siemens Integrated Smart Parking Solution is a modular, infrastructure-based sensor system that goes beyond the possibilities of ground sensors. Imagine a tool that allows you to form a clear picture of where you can find a parking space and how long each space has been occupied for while providing an overview of the improper usage of any non-parking areas as well as nearby Bicycle and Emergency Vehicle lanes. From routing and enforcement applications to city dashboards, this detailed par...

Seoul, South Korea

OWiN Auto is OWiN’s Smart IoT Vehicle Platform brand. OWiN Auto’s mission lies in making cars intelligent and resourceful for the drivers around the globe. OWiN aims to connect the 1.2 billion cars on the road today to the O2O network around it and bring forth a V2X communication experience for the drivers around the world.

San Mateo, California

Streetline is a leading smart parking company delivering smart data and advanced analytics to solve parking issues for customers worldwide. Streetline’s pioneering technology makes the parking experience for consumers easier while making cities, university and corporate campuses more efficient and reducing their carbon footprint. Headquartered in San Mateo, California Streetline has smart parking deployments in the USA, Canada, and Europe. The company was previously named one of Fast Compa...

Saint Louis, Missouri

Fybr delivers a flexible platform which includes a robust wireless network, intelligent edge devices, scalable storage and processing of fast-moving big data, a real-time machine learning infrastructure, device management tools and a full suite of applications for turning data into community insights – all designed to deliver the highest level of accuracy in real-time. INTELLIGENT EDGE-DEVICES Fybr’s edge-devices do more than just detect. They learn – intelligently monitoring themselv...

Groenlo, Netherlands

Nedap Mobility Solutions helps cities become smart about mobility with the wireless parking detection system SENSIT and the advanced system for city access control. Solutions that secure the flow of vehicles in urban environments. The label is part of Nedap Identification Systems. MARKET LEADERSHIP OF DUTCH ORIGIN Nedap Identification Systems is part of Nedap N.V., headquartered in the Netherlands. Nedap designs and develops intelligent, sustainable technological solutions for themes that a...

Barcelona, Spain

Worldsensing is a technological company founded in 2008 and based in London and Barcelona. As a result of its rapid growth through constant innovation, Worldsensing has become a benchmark company in the world of wireless sensing technologies for both the Industrial and Smart Cities sectors. Worldsensing is organized into two divisions: Worldsensing IndustrialWorldsensing Industrial provides complete and fully supported turn-key monitoring solutions for ground-breaking projects in Civil Engi...