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Best Smart Street Light Startups

Contemporary street light systems suffer from problems like inefficiency, power wastage, power pilferage, cumbersome maintenance and crimes on the highways due to bad implementation of malfunctioning of street lights. This technology addresses all of these issues. Smart street lights have a slightly higher price than their classic counterparts, but they can repay the additional cost within a few years period. Smart street light systems can be integrated with the city-wide infrastructure realizing the concept of smart cities. These lights will also enable massive electricity savings and reduce CO2 emissions in the city. They work hand in hand with other smart technologies in the city and together they make the lives of residents safe and comfortable. Huge savings and easy maintenance make them an ideal choice for the infrastructure developers. Here we have the list of top companies in Smart City Lights industry. They are disrupting current old-school technology with new intelligent devices and solutions.
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Brasov, Romania

InteliLIGHT® Streetlight Management System is a product of Flashnet SRL. Flashnet is a technology company based in Brasov, Romania, that integrates hardware and software in order to develop intel...
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Albertslund, Denmark

DOLL is Denmark’s new platform for developing future LED-lighting solutions. DOLL’s aim is to create energy efficiency and intelligent indoor and outdoor lighting solutions and to generate jobs. DOLL supports municipalities, regions, and private companies, in cooperation with scientists, with the development of new and improved lighting solutions. LED lighting is a promising technology which can lead to major cost reductions. A crucial part of this transition from traditional illuminates ...

Groningen, Netherlands

Tvilight mission is to contribute to the creation of sustainable and connected cities. Tvilight supports this mission by offering best-in-class sensor lighting solutions that allow cutting down the energy costs and creating a livable, safer environment for those who live in the cities. They seek to unleash the full potential of sensor technology and wireless communication, offering a lighting experience that goes beyond lighting. Tvilight envisions the world where data is collected and manage...

Redwood City, California

We’ve all heard the promise. An Internet of Things. One seamless connection linking cities, households, products, services, systems and lives as never before. And the first stage is here, thanks to an open, secure, standards-based networking platform, proven at scale, around the globe. Today, Silver Spring Networks helps global utilities and cities connect, optimize, and manage smart energy and smart city infrastructure. Costs are coming down. Reliability is spiking. And with new technolog...

Karlsruhe, Germany

The intelligent city of tomorrow inspires - it is greener, more liveable and more connected. SM!GHT turns your existing infrastructure into one that is equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow. SM!GHT is an art term which is composed of the following words: SM!GHT not only stands for individual products but also for new infrastructure solutions which EnBW will use to accompany their customers on the path to infrastructural change. - Today and in the future.

Sunnyvale, California

Sensity Systems capitalizes on conversions to LED lighting—a process that will affect 4 billion lights worldwide over the next few years—to create a high-speed, sensor-based, multiservice, open networking platform known as a Light Sensory Network (LSN). LSN improves lighting control and energy efficiency, as well as business processes that go well beyond lighting. By embedding networking technology and sensors within LED luminaires themselves, Sensity uses energy-efficient LED lighting a...

Essex, United Kingdom

Telensa makes wireless smart city control systems, including the worlds most deployed smart streetlight solution. The company, founded in 2005, was formerly part of renowned electronic design consultancy Plextek, whose wireless technology is used in medical, security, tracking and smart metering applications. Telensa PLANet is the market-leading Central Management System (CMS) for smart streetlights, with over 50 city and regional networks deployed in 8 countries and a project footprint cover...