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Best Smart Transport Innovators

Tomorrow’s smart cities will redefine sustainability and liveability. Transportation systems that are efficient, environmentally friendly and move hundreds to thousands of people quickly, comfortably and affordably to their destinations will be a defining feature of many of the new ecocities.
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Oakland, California

A member of the Lyft team since launch, Emily built Lyft’s community of drivers and passengers from the ground up. As Director of Community Relations, she currently manages community outreach, ac...
Young women capable of making change.

Cleveland, Ohio

Paul DeLong is President and CEO of car2go N.A., LLC. He previously served as Chief Marketing Officer, a role he assumed in May 2009. In this capacity, Mr. DeLong was responsible for overseeing the...
He always oversees the new trends in the industry.

United States

Matt Caywood is a technologist with a passion for transportation and maps. He has been involved in transportation applications since he launched the first web-based route planner for the London Tub...
I really appreciate his work, and projects he did.

Eschborn, Germany

Peter Fuss, Senior Advisory Partner Automotive, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Germany For more than 10 years, Peter Fuss is Partner with Ernst & Young in Germany act...
I read his research, and got insights of the future transportation services.

Louisville, Colorado

Thomas Frey is the Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, and Google’s top rated Futurist Speaker. Unlike most speakers, Thomas works closely with his Board of Visionaries to develop origi...
I call him "man from the future".

Boston, Massachusetts

Matt is the CEO of Bridj, which is the leader in creating smart cities through smart mass transportation. Bridj has been recognized in the New York Times, the Economist, and most major American tec...
He makes smarter cities though better mobility.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Robin Chase is a transportation entrepreneur. She is co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, the largest carsharing company in the world; Buzzcar, a peer to peer carsharing service in France (now merg...
Love her work, an amazing expert.

Zürich, Switzerland

Zurich-born Frank M. Rinderknecht founded Rinspeed 30 years ago. He was only 21 when he began as an importer of US-made sunroofs and producer of vehicles for handicapped drivers. Less than two year...
From beginning he looks in future, and makes new vehicles that change the way we think about transportation.

Berkeley, California

Susan Shaheen is a co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) at the University of California (UC), Berkeley. She is also an adjunct professor in the Civil and Environm...
Her articles and reports are so inspiring.

Madrid, Spain

IoT expert with over 15 years’ experience in the end to end solutions for the telematics and telemetry industry including self-patented solutions. Ian is the Co-Founder & Product Director of ...
The new transportation change is not only in the vehicles but also in the way we drive. And this man is working on that.