Exporting your model

How it's done

After covering all of the possible excuses about not having your printer or a place to print, let’s do a simple tutorial on how to export your own model (in this case, I will use the models that were created in another tutorial).

After you are satisfied with your model, you will need to export it into a readable format that the 3D printer can open and read.

Most of the printers out there are able to read .STL (STereoLithography) files.

With the part of the object you want to print selected, click on Application icon in the upper left corner, and go to Export - Export selected. Enter a name, and from the drop-down list, choose .STL as an extension.

Do this for every part of your object (in this case, we have 3 parts). Once finished, import the .STL files into the software that came with your 3D printer and follow the simple instructions.

Extra info:

This tutorial is for 3Ds Max.

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