Attach float switches

How it's done

First float switch is important to stop pumping water in upper pipes. If this float switch is not set properly after starting the pump, it will not stop.

This float switch has to be surrounded by protective material to avoid perlite from blocking the floating part on the switch. I used case for filter and it fits perfectly for this use. For other two I used perforated stainless steel sheets and made them into the shape as on the picture to fit in container pipe and to make them more stabile. Mount it before connecting the wires as shown on the picture.

For the first float switch connect one wire with ground and other to Pin 9 on Arduino.

At the same time connect each wire from other float switches with the same ground Pin from the first one. This way you will save pins and time for next two float switches.

Connect the next two float switches to Pin 10 and Pin 11 on Arduino. Connect the half-empty alarming float switch to Pin 10, and float switch from bottom tank to Pin 11.

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