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Most Innovative Alternative Energy Inventors

Inventing ways to produce or use energy that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.
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Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia-And-Herzegovina flag

Duncan, Oklahoma

Pul Pantone invented GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) Plasma Reactor.
He is a hero who has survived horrific inventor abuse by officials and businessmen.

Lodi, California

Raphial Morgado is notable because he invented the MYTâ„¢ (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine, an internal combustion engine of a new design that features multiple firings in one cycle, producing enormous to...
He made a breakthrough of immense proportions, that will spawn the next industrial revolution."

Princeton, New Jersey

Randell L. Mills to have discovered a new energy source. The purported energy source is based on Mills' assertion that the electron in a hydrogen atom can drop below the lowest energy state known a...
He's found an endless source of cheap energy.

United Kingdom

John Searl developed the Searl Effect Generator capable of cheaply and safely producing electricity without fuel, pollution, friction, or noise. Anti-gravity effects are also involved.
Prof. John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy.

Florida, United States

He says he discovered around 100 sundry exotic energy technologies, including versions of gravity motors, engines that run on water, radiant energy devices (solid state or mechanical), inertial pro...
He is actively offering solutions to the energy crisis and the other critical issues of our troubled planet.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tariel Kapanadze is notable because he invented a free energy generator.
He performed a seemingly impossible feat of producing electricity out of nothing.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Made the free energy generator.
John Bedini has been an inventor, researcher, developer and pioneer of some of the most innovative energy producing devices available.

Sunnyvale, California

When a man by the name of K.R. Sridhar showed the world his Bloom Box - a fuel cell-based energy source - in 2010, both he and his product became the most discussed topic of the year.
He made an amazing energy breakthrough.

La Jolla, California

Marko Rodin has discovered the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron. Although scientists know that all electrons in the universe spin they have never discovered the source of this spin. ...
Rodin describes mathematics as the means by which energy expresses itself mathematically, and its called Vortex Mathematics.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Bertrand Piccard is an awe-inspiring adventurer and scientist who has not only circumnavigated the Earth in a hot-air balloon but now plans to repeat the feat in a revolutionary solar-powered aircr...
As he said, he went in search of new ideas blowing in the wind, to try and live better on Earth in his roles as doctor and human being.