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Urbanization and the spread of information technologies transform cities into huge data pools. This big data provides new opportunities to reveal the hidden dimensions of the city and better understand the processes taking place within its physical boundaries. Smart city visualizations can create awareness about important urban conditions and provide a valuable insight into how cities perform and how people interact with the urban environment.
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Maynooth, Ireland

He is a professor and European Research Council Advanced Investigator at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. He is currently a PI on the Programmable City project, the Digitial Repository of Ireland, the All-Island Research Observatory, and the Dublin Dashboard. He has published widely across the social sciences, including 23 academic books and over 140 articles and book chapters. He is an editor of the international journal Dialogues in Human Geography, and is a past editor of Pro...

Chicago, Illinois

An impassioned architect, urbanist, and entrepreneur, Michael has founded and led high-growth companies in the US and Asia for more than two decades. He studied architecture at Yale and Cambridge, earned a Fulbright Scholarship, and worked as an architect in India and China for several years leading the Asia practices of two major US-based international architecture firms. In 2004, he founded a major BIM services company in India backed by Sequoia Capital which grew to over 500 employees in j...

Brooklyn, New York

Her work in information visualization frequently crosses the divide between digital and print, exploring visual models and metaphors to represent dense and rich data-driven stories. After graduating in Architecture at Ferrara University in 2006 she has been involved in multidisciplinary projects on the information, technology and interaction design fields, using design and data visualization to convey complex systems of information. She is co-founder and design director at Accurat, a data-d...

Vancouver, Canada

Joey Lee is a geographer and interaction designer interested in computation and collaboration. His work is centered around maps and visuals - with data, technology, and code as my main media. He is passionate about technological literacy, cities, skateboards, and pixels and have been fortunate enough to wrangle up most of these elements into my work. In parallel with his projects around maps and teaching, he have spent his master’s studies developing new methods for mapping CO2 emissions ...