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Dubrovnik Hackathon Projects 2016

The 2016 CityOS Smart City Startups Hackathon in Dubrovnik was a competition showcasing what is humanly possible in 48 hours. 36 brave, fearless coders, makers, hackers, and engineers created 10 teams and built 10 amazing IoT solutions. What you will see below are videos of them as they were starting. 48 hours later they completed everything! Check them out below and be sure to endorse the ones you like! Spread the word and support these amazing youngsters who are on a mission to change our future.
To qualify
  • Built during the CityOS hackathon in the city of Dubrovnik
To score
  • Change and Impact
  • User experience and reactivity
  • Teachable
  • Tapping into existing world of data
  • Completeness
  • Growth
  • Quality of code
  • Internet of Things
Weekend fun time!

Voting Ended



What's Next is a next generation media content serving platform with the accent on personalization based on geolocation. It allows cities to speak directly to their citizens, as well as visitor...
Innovative and Complete Project.
Have you ever been interested in the quality of air in a room you are currently sitting in? Or you wanted to know what is the cleanest area in your city at the exact moment? Are you planning a trip somewhere, and you want to know if the weather is as you expect it to be? With this portable weather station that easily fits your pocket and an iOS app that comes along with it, you and everyone else in your city can now find everything you need to know about the quality of air that surrounds...
Our project solves the problem of these days, and that's short duration of tablet and smartphone batteries. We are going to do it by spreading about fifty batteries around the city. They are going ...
Because it solves the problem of short life of the battery in smartphones.
Our project is an automatic ticket booth that dispenses tickets when we put money in it or buy it online and go to a nearby ticket booth using our app. It's going to make the traffic much faster because there are a lot of tourists in Dubrovnik, and they usually buy tickets in buses, and that makes it very crowded.
'Smart Cans' focuses on one problem that yields great results. That problem is the inefficiency of the current garbage collecting system. By successfully optimizing it, our project will lower both the operation costs of any city employing it while at the same time decreasing pollution. Although those two effects are the most desired ones, there is also an occurrence of 'side bonuses.' One of those would definitely be an overall increase in hygiene - no big piles of garbage for insects and str...
Imagine you're an elderly tourist in Dubrovnik walking down the street with your group from China, following a tourist guide. In a city with millions of people on the streets and thousands of interesting attractions you want to see, it's easy to get distracted. Even if you have to most entertaining tourist guide in the world, you'll look around and most probably walk away for a second to take a picture or try to but a souvenir. You look around, and before you know your group is out of your si...
LightNav is a human-centric navigation system that helps tourists and other people in need of orientation, guiding them to managed points in space through visual signals that are integrated into the environment. Guiding light signals can be made with LED lights, electroluminescent wire and foil, or any other suitable solution. Lights can be placed on roads, paths through tourist camps and hotel complexes, through the wilderness as hiking orientation points (solar powered), suspended or embedd...
Smartspot is the idea that could revolutionize streets od Dubrovnik. It is designed to be helpful to almost everyone., tourists wishing to see a map of Dubrovnik, send an email or simply surf the web. We encourage integration with other Smart City Concepts. The idea is very simple, the user buys a card at any of the kiosks trough Dubrovnik and inserts it in Smart Spot card reader after that display starts counting minutes towards 00:00 and that person can do whatever he wants using interactiv...
The idea for Smart Beach, Dubrovnik came to us when we read that some new "brilliant" law was passed that requires official beaches have to have boards stating some basic data about the environment. There we thought up on how it would be neat to have a smart tech doing it instead of a person. The project itself is envisioned so that each location in the city has sensors that would update a display board at that location. But then we thought to our self's why stop there. We already have data. ...

Made by Haze

Our project will allow users to signup with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We implemented the Facebook and Instagram integration, but we estimated that we do not have time for Twitter. Users could see all events that are currently in town. The lists that will user get regarding events will be adjusted for him/her based on their data on social networks. Users could easily find events that they are interested in. The web admin page will analyze the data to predict pro...