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Best Zagreb Hackathon Projects

Brave New World Hackathon was hacking competition, a showcase of what is humanly possible in 48 hours. Brave, fearless coders, makers, hackers, and engineers of our galaxy created the teams and have built amazing IoT solutions. What you will see below are videos of them as they were starting. 48 hours later all were DONE! Check them out below and be sure to endorse the ones you like! Spread the word and support these amazing youngsters that are on the mission to change our future.
To qualify
  • Built during the hackathon in the city of Zagreb
To score
  • Change and Impact
  • UX and reactivity
  • Teachable
  • Tapping into existing world of data
  • Completeness
  • Growth
  • Quality of code
  • Hot areas
  • Internet of Things
Weekend fun time!

Voting Ended



Bike locker is a project that prevents your bike from being stolen. Small tube connected to the bike ram contains a couple of sensors that measure different things with goal to send you notification if something weird is happening around your bike. We will make mobile application that is connected with small tube on your bike and you will get instant notification that includes visual and sound alarm. When the alarm turns on a small camera on the steering wheel will turn on and take pictures w...
The EcoSmart sorted waste container is intended primarily for municipalities which have the need or obligation to manage sorted waste in a smart and efficient way. It allows for household to dispose of their sorted waste in specific recycling containers, where the waste is weighed and the weight tallied to the household's totals. In this way, not only can the municipalities track the amounts of waste generated in residential areas, they can also provide adequate awards or monitor quotas for s...
Smart mAIor is an Artificial Intelligence based platform for citizens which allows the to use smart city services using natural language communication.
The goal of this project is to include various sensors that will calculate air pollution, noise level and movement of the cyclist which will allow us to collect data about different types of gasses in the air. This infromation will allow us to gain insight into air quality which will later on be used to provide users with better bike routes. For collecting data we use Arduino sensor which is connected to the mobile application. Mobile application has interactive map and sends data in the back...
Juvo - Home Friend is an IoT platform deisgned to help parents by increasing the safety of their children at home. Juvo helps parents in a way that it helps them cope with their need to protect and supervise their children, particularly in case of children with autism. By giving parents a higher control of movement of their children inside of their home, parents finally have a chance to relax more and to fell less stressed. The Juvo – Home Friend platform consists of sensors which are pl...
Our goal is to provide feedback about breaking intensity in cars, motorcycles and bikes. We do this by using sensors to calculate the breaking intensity and based on it we provide drivers/riders that are tailing us with accurate information about our breaking intensity so that we can avoid traffic jams and accidents. To give others feedback we use LED lights and sounds depending on the vehicle.
Do you like to ride the bicycle and have you encountered problems in finding parking when riding through the city? Might that be one of the reasons why you choose to take the car instead of bike? If your answer is yes we have a solution for you. Our product is VASP 4 BIKE (V-vertical A-automated S-secure P-parking 4-for B-bike). We would like to give you a chance to get rid of that fear with our innovative bicycle parking which offers you maximum security, that fits in the smart city environm...