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As our tech world progresses, the amount of available data increases. But what use is any type of data if all we see are numbers? For example, how can we truly understand the impact of climate change if 0.85 degrees (the amount of warming the planet has undergone since 1880) is the only information provided? By creating data visualization, of course! Luckily for us, the following startups do just that to help us better understand the significance of different types of data.
To qualify
  • Presents a tool to analyze data and create data visualization
To score
  • Accuracy of data visualization software
  • Ability to help users solve real world problems
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United States

Knoema is a US-based company that strives to discover, extract, and normalize quality data for users with a desire in managing complex international aid programs and developing effective national economic development policies. Their smart search engine uses data set discovery and auto-generated visualization collections to represent data query. In addition to their service, Knoema also participates in the global information economy by implementing open data solutions for nearly 60 countries. ...

Madrid, Spain

Vizzuality is a science and technology company focused on data visualization, web-GIS and tool development and committed to working on projects related to conservation, the environment and sustainable development. They have two offices, in Madrid and Cambridge. The startup worked with Winrock International to design the Grow Asia Counter, a web-based tool that would allow users to estimate the greenhouse gas impacts of key crops and management practices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the P...

San Francisco, California

Kevala is a team of scientists, engineers, and energy wonks focused on harnessing data to pave the way for a cleaner future for the energy economy. With Kevala, users can access all of the information they need to not only make better investment, but also tell compelling, data-driven stories to influence policy and legislative decisions. Kevala’s comprehensive maps showing district level impacts and investment from climate policy helped pass SB 32, an amendment deemed impossible by the...

New York, New York

Habidatum is building a platform tailored to solve the issue urban planners are faced with: having to deal with complex processes evolving in space and through time. The platform is an integrated data analysis toolkit capable of collecting, storing, processing, and visualizing quantitative and qualitative data from multiple resources. An amazing tool they offer is their space-time visual analysis; turning data snapshots for certain periods on a flat map into a 3D visualization which shows th...

Bristol, United Kingdom

422 South design top-notch data visualizations, computer-generated imagery, and visual effects for various topics such as earthquakes around the world, the ice bucket challenge, the effects of altitude on the human body, and more! One of their work is called Wetland Loss in the Yellow Sea. 422 South created this animation for Cornell Lab of Ornithology of Ithaca New York for a film about the loss of huge swathes of wetland migrating bird habitat in the Yellow Sea. It showed visualization of ...