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About the Labs

We believe that good times are coming to our cities and we believe that young people will bring it. To put this belief to the test, we have opened Blum R&D Labs, a space dedicated to advanced tech education, research and innovation.

We are primarily focused on emerging tech in the world of IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, drones, as well as aeroponics and most importantly, new sources of sustainable energy.

Our work is a combination of advanced workshops focused on delivering practical and instantly usable skills. We train employees, but also work with the younger generation: kids, teens and especially students--future members of our big family. All workshops are followed by real world pilot projects.

Zero to Hero

Tech Workshops

Our workshops feature the latest and coolest future tech from autonomous drones and hydroponics, to robotics and building your own IoT devices. We specialize in teaching hands-on practical knowledge that can be used immediately in the real world. Our workshops are intensive, 1 day 'Zero to Hero' bootcamps - where in just 1 day students can learn everything from the basics all the way to building a fully functional smart city application.

Build you own air pollution monitoring device and learn everything from electronics to programming. Then install your device at home and become part of the real-time air quality monitoring network in your city.
CityOS Air
Learn to program a drone in NodeJS. Suited for both beginners and advanced NodeJS hackers, you'll learn basic JavaScript programming and building NodeJS Web Services all the way to controlling and streaming media from a Parrot 2.0 drone.
Drone Automation in NodeJS
Learn how to grow food in an automated hydroponic environment without classic gardening. We'll cover all stages of development from micro-controller programming and seed selection to successful plant breeding and harvesting.
IoT Hydroponics
This workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of 3D printing. You'll learn about the various devices available, how to create and prepare your 3D model for printing, and finally, how to use the 3D printer successfully.
Intro to 3D printing
Nothing is more fun than flying a drone, but it's important to learn the basics first before diving in. Learn everything to you need to fly a drone safely and effectively. First you'll practice on a simulator then take turns flying a Phantom drone!
Intro to drone flying
Great products balance aesthetics with form, function, usability, ergonomics, engineering, and marketability. After you learn the basics of product design, you'll design a basic air quality device using 3D modeling software.
3D Device Design
This workshop is a great way to get started with coding and electronics. Learn to build, connect, and control electronic devices.
Build Your Own IoT Device
Learn to build your first iOS app for an IoT device. First, you'll learn the basics of Swift and iOS 10, then get introduced to the CityOS Swift framework which you will use to quickly develop an app for a real IoT device. All levels welcome.
iOS Apps Development
Take the user experience beyond the screen by learning how to design apps for IoT devices. Created just for developers, you'll learn the complete UX design process from personas to flow maps and wireframes, then design a simple IoT app from scratch.
App Design For IoT
With the global population of bees under threat, we built technology to help ensure their survival. The IoBees (Internet of Bees) open hardware project automates beekeeping, allowing scalability to hundreds of hives. Learn how in our workshop.
IoBees Automated Bee Colony


Our lab is currently developing and implementing a number of real world pilot projects related to smart cities and smart buildings. Implementations of our future tech can be found in our labs and buildings as well as within open minded and forward thinking partnering companies and public sector organizations.

Smart Buildings
Smart City Tech