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Portugal flag Portugal816192
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Botswana flag Botswana144182
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Brazil flag Brazil2289251
Philippines flag Philippines2215361
Bangladesh flag Bangladesh2211
Dominican-Republic flag Dominican Republic3631
Argentina flag Argentina131251
Puerto-Rico flag Puerto Rico4041
Slovenia flag Slovenia35461
Timor-Leste flag Timor-Leste1000
Russian-Federation flag Russian Federation403830
Oman flag Oman1000
Virgin-Islands-U.S. flag Virgin Islands, U.S.1000
Taiwan flag Taiwan4010
Pakistan flag Pakistan3000
Papua-New-Guinea flag Papua New Guinea1000
Panama flag Panama1410
Qatar flag Qatar2000
Slovakia flag Slovakia1000
Turkey flag Turkey2000
Serbia flag Serbia2000
Trinidad-And-Tobago flag Trinidad and Tobago2000
Saudi-Arabia flag Saudi Arabia5110
Sri-Lanka flag Sri Lanka5420
Swaziland flag Swaziland2100
Satellite-Provider flag Satellite Provider1000
Ukraine flag Ukraine1011080
Romania flag Romania4710
Vietnam flag Vietnam4260
Peru flag Peru1000
Northern-Mariana-Islands flag Northern Mariana Islands1000
El-Salvador flag El Salvador329120
Egypt flag Egypt51100
Dominica flag Dominica1000
Mars flag Mars3000
Cyprus flag Cyprus2000
Colombia flag Colombia2000
China flag China9000
Chile flag Chile3210
Cayman-Islands flag Cayman Islands2200
Bulgaria flag Bulgaria3220
Bosnia-And-Herzegovina flag Bosnia and Herzegovina1000
Bermuda flag Bermuda1000
Belize flag Belize7000
Belgium flag Belgium12320
Barbados flag Barbados1000
Bahrain flag Bahrain11020
Estonia flag Estonia4150
Finland flag Finland12790
Guam flag Guam1320
Nigeria flag Nigeria1000
Netherlands-Antilles flag Netherlands Antilles1000
Namibia flag Namibia1100
Morocco flag Morocco1000
Monaco flag Monaco1000
Malta flag Malta4630
Malaysia flag Malaysia18930
Luxembourg flag Luxembourg1100
Lebanon flag Lebanon3100
Kuwait flag Kuwait2000
Kenya flag Kenya4420
Jordan flag Jordan4120
Jersey flag Jersey2000
Indonesia flag Indonesia6000
Iceland flag Iceland3210
Hungary flag Hungary6310
Antigua-And-Barbuda flag Antigua and Barbuda1210