CityOS Smart City Dubrovnik

Turning Dubrovnik
into a Smart City

We believe that good times are coming to our cities and we believe that young people will bring it. A year ago we put our beliefs to the test and a new chapter in the history of Dubrovnik began.

After a 48-hour hackathon of nonstop building, hacking, and creating, two startups were born. Just months later their hard work paid off: Launching project after project, Dubrovnik was transformed into the most advanced smart city in the region.

Since then, more successful hackathons and projects have launched and Dubrovnik has become a model smart city for others in the region.

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Featured Smart City Projects

A selection of smart city projects featured throughout Dubrovnik.

Smart Parking Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Card
Smart Dubrovnik Park
Solar Bench Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Team

Dubrovnik team