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create an app illustrated icon with photoshop

I did follow the steps but when I generate my icons the quality is really bad. My app icon is made with an illustration so I guess that's why but I could see...
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Possible training programme

Good day, am a mining Engineer by trade and with AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi Mine, I would need to know if any training program are offered In aquaponics by your ou...
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Mitch Ramirez

what is the currant status of the M.Y.T. engin.
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Sales Representative

Dear Sir/MadamrnrnGreetingsrnrnWe at Al Hazzazi Global Technologies Co. (HGTC), serves several universities in Saudi Arabia as their registered vendor. We are af...
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Smart City Valencia 2020

Valencia 2020 Smart City Strategy http://www.transition-cities.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Valenci… This document outlines the strategy for how the ci...
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Case Study: Santa Clarita reduces water usage by 20% with smart irrigation

Like cities across the US, Santa Clarita grapples with budget shortfalls exacerbated by dwindling water supplies, rising water rates and increasingly rigorous re...
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Smart Mobility: Reducing congestion and fostering faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options

Smart mobility report: Reducing congestion and fostering faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options For decades, many governments have tried to develo...
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How to Select Solar Street Lighting

Slideshare presentation: How to Select Solar Street Lighting by Ethan Ho Without any industry standards, it can be difficult to choose the right solar street l...
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The rise of LEDs and what it means for cities

Report: LIGHTING THE CLEAN REVOLUTION: The rise of LEDs and what it means for cities Lighting matters. Almost a fifth of global electricity is used for lightin...
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Free Movie: Before the Flood

Documentary featuring Leonardo Di Caprio that reveals the real truth about global warming, a movie we all need to see asap! Play
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iOS device design

My ideas is waiting the moment like that, there is no people till now who you can trust with it to make it work 4 all of us . Question is can i really show up on...
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The world's first city hotel with a zero-energy balance

Boutiquehotel Stadthalle in Vienna is the world’s first city hotel with a zero-energy balance. Sun-facing walls are covered with solar panels and interior wall...
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Air quality monitoring sensor networks

Pilot projects using citizens to create real time environmental monitoring networks. AIR: Area’s Immediate Reading http://www.pm-air.net/ Common Sense ...
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World Air Quality Map and forecast

Map with real time air quality index (AQI) of top cities around the world: http://aqicn.org/ Satellite-based forecast: http://aqicn.org/forecast/world/

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