MH Z14 Winsen

Complete and ready-to-run Carbon Dioxide Concentration Module for outputting the CO2 Concentration in digital format to microcontrollers or computer systems. The unit can measure CO2 concentration from 0 to 50,000ppm, with concentration readings provided as either an analog signal, PWM or digital UART for direct connection to a microcontroller. No calibration is required and the output is highly accurate to within 50ppm. Built-in Temperature Compensation ensures readings are accurate over a wide temperature range. The unit is compact and easy to mount. Ideal for use in precision monitoring equipment, air conditioning equipment, research projects and much more.

Product Details

Ready-to-Run No Additional Circuitry or Calibration Required
Highly Accurate Digital Output
Concentration Readings available in either Analog, PWM or Digital Format
Detection Range: 0 - 5000 ppm C02 (Carbon Dioxide)
Accuracy: ±50ppm
Dimensions: 57mm Length, 35mm Width


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