K-30 Sensor Module

The K-30 Sensor Module is a maintenance-free transmitter module intended to be built into different host devices that require CO2 monitoring data. It is an accurate, yet low-cost solution for OEMs who want to integrate CO2 sensing into their products. The compact size, low-power requirements and multiple output options are intended to be easily implemented into analog or microprocessor-based controls and equipment.

Product Details


CO2 Measurement: non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Measurement Range: 0 – 10,000 ppm (0-5,000 ppm within specifications)
Rate of Measurement: 2 seconds
Response Time: 20 seconds diffusion time; 2 seconds @ .5 l/min tube gas flow
4 outputs. 2 analog/ digital selectable and 2 digital only.
Scalable Analog voltage outputs
Each digital output has threshold and hysteresis
Programmable Range: 0-10,000 ppm (custom configuration required)
Repeatability: ± 20 ppm ± 1 % of measured value within specifications
Accuracy: ± 30 ppm ± 3 % of measured value within specifications
Sensor Life Expectancy: > 15 years
Maintenance Interval: no maintenance required
Self-Diagnostics: complete function check of the sensor module
Warm-up Time: < 1 min. (@ full specs < 15 min)
ABC (Automatic Background Calibration enabled (unless specified OFF))



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