OGM220 infrared CO2 gas sensor module

Most gases can absorb infrared (IR) light. These are gases consisting of two different kinds of atoms, such as CO2, and also CO, NOx and all carbon hydrogens (CH) such as methane, propane or other natural gases employed for heating. IR light is capable of exciting higher energy levels of the molecules by coupling to the dipole moment of the heteroatomic assembly. Heat energy from the IR light is therefore transferred into the gas. Thus, for example, measure and monitor the concentration of important gases in the atmosphere, such as CO2, CO or NOx, by the intensity loss of IR light beam of initially known intensity in a specific spectral region, is a direct measure of the concentration of the matching gas.

Product Details

Thermistor temperature reference included
High sensitivity
Fast response time
Narrow band pass filters
Range: 0 - 2000ppm, 0 - 5000ppm, custom
Precision: ±50 ppm, ±3%

Pre-calibrated and ready-to-use
Excellent stability and accuracy
Digital interface (TTL RS-232 or RS-485)
Analog PWM output
Open drain threshold output for relay driving
Three ports of open drain threshold output for relay driving
LED drivers for CO2 level warning
Digital interface to master controller using RS485 interface
(1 master to 128 sensors)



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