Clean Cube

Clean Cube is a smart waste compacting bin that is solar powered and has built-in sensors which detect if the bin is full. Waste inside of the bin is compacted up to eight times, which increases the capacity up to 700%, considerably reducing overflow and reducing collection costs by 85%. Intuitive linked software means Clean Cubes are easy to manage and collection routes are smarter and more optimised.

Product Details

Size types

Clean Cube (H x W x L)
1449 x 613 x 775 mm
1574 x 720 x 861 mm

Net Weight

Technical Features
• Compaction Force: up to 500kgf Max
• Power consumption: 15Wh/day
• System Voltage@ 12 Volts DC (AC model and hybrid version also available)
• Battery: spill-proof, sealed lead storage battery
• CE certified

Optional features
communication module
• Wi-Fi
• Vinyl wrap
• Outdoor model / Indoor model
• General waste / Recycling bin
• Advertisement panel on the sides
• LED backlit panel (Size: A1, A2)
• Draws additional source of revenue
• 24-hour exposure
• Non-backlit panel (Size: A1, A2)
• Mounting plate
• Bin chute handle


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