Cirqoid is a printed circuit board prototyping machine, aimed at electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists. It allows you to produce a PCB of your design right on your desk. Cirqoid can do insulation milling of your PCB (aka mechanical etching), drill holes, dispense solder paste and even populate the board with SMD components. That's right - complete production cycle of a printed circuit board.

Product Details

Max PCB size: 100x160mm
Mechanical resoltion: 0.01mm
Software resolution: 1.25┬Ám
Repeatability: < 0.02mm
Max travel speed, X axis: 1200mm/min
Max travel speed, Y axis: 1000mm/min
Max travel speed, Z axis: 1500mm/min
Dimensions: 280x470x380mm
Weight: 14kg


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