Voltera V-One

Save time and money by printing your circuit boards right from your desk. Import your Gerber file into Voltera's software, place a blank FR4 board on the print bed, and press print! Pop your boards onto the printer and with a simple swap of the print heads you will be dispensing solder paste in minutes. Once solder paste is down and components have been placed, just press reflow! Watch your components solder in front of your eyes. http://www.voltera.io/

Product Details

The Voltera V-One includes:

  • printer, probe, 3 dispensing units, board clamps, dispensing tip caps

  • one cartridge of conductive ink & one cartridge of solder paste

  • blank FR4 substrates (6 - 2” x 3”; 10 - 3” x 4”)

  • recommended solder wire, recommended flux sample, burnishing pad

  • power cable, USB cable


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