ProtoMat D104

The ProtoMat D104's integrated UV laser separates it from traditional milling machines by extending the range of possible applications. With a focused laser beam spot size of just 15 µm, PCB track widths of 50 µm and spaces of 30 µm can be achieved depending on copper thickness, substrate type and peel strength; 4 mil traces and spacing or larger are completed without use of the laser etching tool. An intelligent control system and advanced CircuitPro software determine independently when either the precise laser or the faster mechanical tools should be used, depending on the board layout. The ProtoMat D104 can structure a wide variety of circuit board materials, including FR4, high frequency materials, fired ceramics, and more. This makes the D104 ideal for those working with analog, digital, RF, or microwave designs. View the datasheet or browse the image and video section to learn more.

Product Details

Max. Material size and layout area (X/Y/Z) 305 mm x 229 mm, 10 mm (12” x 9” x 0.4”)
Resolution (X/Y) 1 µm (0.04 mil)
Repeatability 1 µm (0.04 mil)
Diameter of focused laser beam 15 µm (0.6 mil)
Milling Spindle Max. 100,000 rpm, software controlled
Tool Change Automatic, 15 positions
Laser structuring rate 1 mm/s on 18 µm Cu (0.04”)
Laser Power Output 100 mW
Drilling Speed 100 strokes/min
Travel Speed (X/Y) 100 mm (3.7”)
Laser Wavelength UV Range
Software LPKF Circuitpro (included)
Features Vision system for optical fiducials/width monitoring, status light, vacuum table, pneumatic working depth limiter
Dimensions (W x H x D) incl. hood opening 660 mm x 700 mm x 870 mm (26” x 27.6” x 34.3”)
Compressed Air Supply 6 bar/


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