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How to Select Solar Street Lighting

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How to Select Solar Street Lighting by Ethan Ho

Without any industry standards, it can be difficult to choose the right solar street lighting. Some things to consider are: the brightness of LED lamp, the lifespan of the components, and how many day will the light will function without sunlight?

How bright should the solar light be?
We are using small-power LED (0.066W/pcs), through our patented assembly design for the chip, luminous efficiency can reach 130-140Lm/W, at least >30% brighter than the regular LED. e.g. like 6m height of light source, we need only 35W to achieve 36Lux, and others need 45-56W.

How does it work?
Rectangular (Square) shape light distribution without an extra lens. Dramatically improved the efficiency of LED lighting. At present, lens is needed for light distribution by most vendors. Through our own patented design technology for LED, it can form light distribution without a lens and will be evenly distributed in a rectangular shape, every emitting angle can reach 150 degrees. Lead to our LED is 30% brighter than normal. Maximizing heat dissipation, reduce light decay, prolong light life.

How many working days can it function without sunshine?
100% Lighting throughout the whole year - Digital Controller Working principle How many working days without sunshine (A) = battery capacity (B) —fixed LED power consumption) (C) From above formula, in order to increase working days while no sunshine, the only way is to decrease the LED power consumption. Using our patent digital controller, solar street lights can save >80% power to compared with other systems. that is to say, in the same working period, our power consumption takes only 20% of the others.

Digital Controller
LED is a semiconductor device, has on-off feature. Due to human visual effect, when frequency is over 25t/s, we can not feel it. Our controller frequency is up to 10K-100Kt/s. through our digital controller, we can supply interim power to be half working, saving 50% power. But normally solar street lamps are using a constant current driver, supplying continuous power all the time

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