Smart lighting

Smart LED lighting saves up to 70% of energy

In the US, outdoor lighting uses about 120 terawatt-hours of energy, mostly to illuminate streets and parking lots. IDA estimates that least 30% of all outdoor lighting in the US alone is wasted, mostly by lights that aren’t shielded. That adds up to $3.3 billion and the release of 21 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. To offset all that carbon dioxide, we’d have to plant 875 million trees annually.

Smart lighting has the huge potential to save cities millions of dollars and reduce carbon emissions. The installation of smart lighting projects are able cut energy use in cities by up to 70%. LED street lighting enhanced with smart technology such as automated dimmers, motion sensors and timers can further reduce energy costs. Smart lighting systems can be controlled using the internet to adjust lighting brightness and schedules.

Smart Lighting Tutorials

Smart LED Dimming Solution using Intel Galileo board, photoresistor and PIR motion sensor. Tutorial by Arman Hasanbegovic and Kemal Korjenic.

Smart Lighting Discussion

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