Air Quality Device Design - Novice

In this course you will learn how to create and design the enclosure for the air quality measuring device. You will go through all of the steps, from planning and writing down requirements of the enclosure (e.g. waterproofing the case), to sketching, drawing and finally 3D modelling the parts. After you are done with all of the steps of the design process, you will learn about 3D printing, setting up the model for the print, optimizing the settings for the best quality and finally 3D print the enclosure. The course will cover the following topics: (1) Basics of product design (2) Understanding problems and planning the requirements (3) Sketching and rapid problem solving (4) Computer aided design (technical drawings) (5) Intro to SolidWorks modelling (6) Modelling the enclosure parts (7) Assembling the parts (8) Setting the model for 3D printing (9) 3D slicer settings optimization (10) 3D printing the enclosure

5 projects

Planning and sketching (Part I)

Welcome to the first tutorial in a series on creating your own air quality measuring device enclosure. In this series we will learn everything from starting idea to basic modeling techniques, assemblies, preparing models for 3D printing and finally creating a prototype on the 3D printer. This tutorial will get you started with ideation process, thinking about problems and so...

Modeling (Part II)

Second tutorial in series on creating your simple, waterproof enclosure for the air quality measuring device. In this tutorial, we learn basic modeling methods in SolidWorks, using sketches, extrusions, cuts etc.

Modeling (Part III)

The third part of the air quality device design tutorial. Click here to check out the first part. In this tutorial, we go through steps on creating the top part of the enclosure, new modeling methods and using snap fits and other fastening features.

Assembly (Part IV)

Fourth part of the air quality measuring device design in which we learn about assemblies, different types of mating of the parts and problem detection before setting up the parts for 3D printing. Check out the first three parts of the tutorial here.

3D printing with Cura (Part V)

This tutorial will teach you how to setup and start printing your model with Cura, 3D slicer from the creators of Ultimaker.