App Design for IoT

This crash course on UX Design will give you everything you need to create your first app design using the user-centered approach. The course will cover everything from design theory and flow maps to wireframing and visual design. More importantly, this course will teach you how to think like an entrepreneur, since knowing why you are designing something and who it is for is just as important as the actual design itself. This course will cover the following topics: (1) Intro to User Experience Design (UX) - User Interface Do's & Don'ts (2) Personas, User Stories & Flow Maps - Wireframing Your App (3) Visual Design and Prototyping Workshop

1 tutorial

Auto-Generate App Icons in Photoshop

If you design a lot of iOS apps, it can be time consuming to export your app icon into all the different sizes that Apple requires. Many are using a template for this, but that forces you to download a new template every time Apple changes the icon sizes, which can be often (e.g. iPad Pro). This tutorial will show you a future-proof method of generating all your icon sizes w...