Build Your Own Hydroponic System using Arduino

Learn how to grow food in an automated hydroponic environment without classic gardening. We will cover all stages of development from micro-controller programming and seed selection to successful plant breeding and harvesting. This workshop will cover the following topics: (1) Intro to Micro-controller Programming (2) Intro to Sensors and Equipment: Temperature, Humidity, Soil Humidity, Water Pump, Air Pump, Water Level, Valves, Flow meter (3) Inputs and Outputs (4) Re Relays and AC (5) Plant environment (6) Seed, Growth and Yield.

15 projects

Easy DIY Hydroponics Setup (Part I)

This tutorial will show you how to build and setup your own hydroponics unit. All of the materials are available from your local DIY store, and you are given the exact dimensions and instructions on setting up the unit.

Easy DIY Hydroponics Setup (Part II)

After setting up the enclosure for the pipes that we covered in a previous tutorial, we get to the part of making the whole system work.

Perlite Soil Preparation

Since every detail is important this tutorial will teach you how to prepare perlite soil for the use.

Measure Temperature and Humidity Using DHT22

In this tutorial you will learn how to measure ambient temperature and humidity using Arduino board together with DHT22 sensor. Arduino is a very popular electronic board and DHT22 is a cheap and accurate sensor for measuring temperature and humidity.

Control 4-Channel Relay Module

Connect and control 4-Channel relay module using Arduino board.

Measure Soil Humidity

Knowing if there is water around and in your surroundings can be very useful for a lot of projects. If you have an idea that has anything to do with agriculture, growing plants, watering them or anything like that, this is the right tutorial for you. In here, you will find out how to use the soil humidity sensor and use it to read analog and digital values. Do not let the fl...

Float Switch

In this tutorial you will learn how to use float switch. In our case, it is used to notify if the tank is full of water or when it is empty, but you can use it in any other way you see fit.

Temperature Sensor DS18B20

Waterproof temperature sensor can be helpful in various projects. Knowing the exact temperature in your surroundings is the key to so many problems and can give you a lots of solutions. In this tutorial you will learn how to use DS18B20 waterproof sensor the easy and fun way.

Real Time Clock (RTC)

Arduino doesn't know the answer to a simple question: What time is it? To be able to know that, Arduino project needs a Real Time Clock. This tutorial will show you how to set the date and time and how to read it.

Measure Light Intensity

Reading intensity of light can be really helpful when you want to grow your own vegetables and herbs, but it can also be used in creating your own, fun morning alarm solution. To learn how to setup and get everything functioning altogether, check out this super fun and easy tutorial!

Connect Device to Relay

Why is relay so important? You want to control the device with different voltage values (110 AC or 220V) connected to their own power source. The best way to control it is by using relay. In this tutorial we use 3.3V power supply for LED from Arduino board, but it could be a source from any battery or any other device.

Put It All Together

After setting up the all of the sensors we covered in previous tutorials, we get to the fun part of making the whole system work together. Check this tutorial on how to do that!

IoT Hydroponics

Complete this tutorial and make your hydroponics unit part of IoT.

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed in Rockwool

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to grow lettuce (type: May Queen) from seed in the rockwool as growing medium. The process is easy and straight forward.


In this tutorial you will learn how to prepare a plant for growing in new environment.