3D Design

This brief course will walk you through the basics of designing a human-centered, thoughtful product. Great products are the result of masterfully balancing aesthetics with form, function, usability, ergonomics, engineering, and marketability. This course will cover the fundamentals of product design, where you’ll learn to discover and translate user needs into a design while factoring in technical and financial constraints. By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of everything that’s involved in designing an exciting, compelling product.

3 projects

Product design basics

Basic design principles gathered from the experiences of a young architect, applied in designing your own device.

Basic polygonal modelling (3ds Max): Small planter

In this tutorial, I will show and explain the process of making a 3d model of a simple planter for an office desk or kitchen counter. This model can serve as an enclosure for a small hydroponic device, that could eventually be able to inform you of many different parameters throughout the plant cycle. The model can be 3D printed, and .STL file for printing is attached in the...

Basic solid modeling tutorial

Learn the very basics of solid modeling using this tutorial. You will learn how to model the wax stamp from scratch, using all kinds of different tools and methods. If you are a complete beginner in 3D modeling, this is the right tutorial for you to start with!