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Creating good and effective CTA=Call to Action button is very important for online marketing. Effective CTA can increase your conversions and save you money if you create it correctly. Here is a small tutorial on what is important for CTA.
Step 1


When you think in terms of shopping, color matters the most. People buy certain things because they like the color on them. Same thing is with CTA buttons. You button needs to have certain color in order to get the desired action from those who are seeing it.
For example orange encourages immediate action is special color. You can use it to get more people to sign up, buy or join right away on your site. This also the color which is associated the most with the cheap or inexpensive things.
Analyze the colors and pay attention to them. Each color creates certain felling and feelings are the reason why do we buy stuff in the first place.

Step 2

Make it Irresistible to Click

The whole purpose of this button is to make people click on it. Color itself is not enough.
Write something which is irresistible on that button which will make them click on that button. Use the words like “start” and “get”, or simply add the word “now” and create a bit of urgency inside their mind and boost your conversions with this.

Step 3

Shape and size

Shape and size and CTA button is very important. Make sure that your button doesn’t have pointy things because our brains are programed to avoid them. Instead of that your CTA button should be the shape of rectangular, but rectangular with a round corners. You should also pay attention to mobile users. Create your CTA big enough so that one person can click on it on their mobile phone, but don’t make it too big and destroy the design of your landing page

Step 4

Effective Placement

CTA should attract the eye and that is why you need to place it on the right place on your landing page. Visitors spend almost 80 percent of their time above the fold, so place your CTA above, at the top of your landing page. Make enough space for this button. It would be good if you surround your button with a white color, because it will make it stand out. Note: pay attention that your CTA doesn’t stand out from your overall design.

Every target audience is different, so you will need to test out different designs, shapes and placements to find the best one for you. These are just some general directions, but understanding your target audience and testing different shapes is the key here.

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