Easy DIY Hydroponics Setup (Part II)

After setting up the enclosure for the pipes that we covered in a previous tutorial, we get to the part of making the whole system work.

Step 1

Placing the pipes

Make sure that the pipes are in their right place, with larger pipes sitting in the space provided below, and smaller pipes sitting above them.

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Step 2

Making a hole

With a heated soldering iron, slowly make a hole through one of the T pieces on the side that is above the larger pipes. Make sure that soldering iron reaches the lower pipes, so you can mark them for later.

Step 3


Remove the top pipes. Check for marking on the pipes below.

Step 4

Fitting the tube

On the pipe that we have just punctured, slowly widen the hole with circular movements, so that silicon tube used for aquariums can barely fit. This part is very important, because if you make a larger hole, you will face problems in the next step.

Step 5


After widening the hole, use any brand of waterproof instant adhesive (in our case, we used Loctite SuperGlue) on one end of the silicon tube. Next, place the tube inside the hole so that it only reaches the inner layer of the pipe.

This is where the water will flow from one set of pipes to the other.

Step 7


This is what your pipes should look by now.

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