By Emir

In this tutorial you will learn how to prepare a plant for growing in new environment.

Step 1

Prepare plant for planting

If you have a plant that is old between 12 and 15 days, grown in rockwool, take it and put it in the container fitting the hole size.

If you don't have rockwool, you can use plant from conventional grow. To prepare the plant, we have to wash the dirt in root zone. After that, put it in a container fitting the hole size.

Step 2

Make space

Make space by taking out some perlite from the .

Step 3

Put plant in the position

After making enough space, put the plant in her position within container and be sure that roots are deep inside of the pipes. Fill the space with perlite around container after placing it inside.

Step 4


Here are plants of different age inside of the unit.

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