Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Display Assembly

Instructions on how to assemble Raspberry Pi touch screen display

Step 1

Mount SD card

Before you start assembling touch screen display, make sure that you've mounted the SD card into the Raspberry Pi because it will be pretty tricky to do it later since the SD card socket won't be that much accessible.

Step 2

Place Raspberry Pi on the display

Turn Raspberry Pi in that way so the DSI Display connector of Raspberry Pi is on the same side as the DSI connector of the display itself. After that, put Raspberry Pi on the top of the standoffs.

Step 3

Place screws

Use the 4 x screws to secure the Raspberry Pi board to the standoffs.

Step 4

DSI Cable

Now connect the DSI ribbon cable to both Raspberry Pi touch screen display

Step 5

Connect power supply from Raspberry Pi to the display

Now you'll have to make a connection with jumper wires in order to supply power to the display through Raspberry Pi.

Step 6

Touch screen power supply pins

Locate 5V and GND pins on the touch screen adapter board and connect jumper wires to it.

  • Red wire to the 5V pin header

  • Black wire to the GND pin header

Step 7

Raspberry Pi power supply pins

Now connect these jumper wires to the Raspberry Pi's power supply pins.

  • Red wire (5V) to the GPIO 04 (**Red **one on the photo)

  • Black wire (GND) to the GPIO 06 (Black one on the photo)

Step 8

What does success look like?

If you've done everything correctly, this what your final setup should look like.

Connect your keyboard (we will need it until we setup the on-screen one) and mouse and proceed to the next step where you'll learn how to setup the Raspberry Pi in order to display data and to build a case for our touch screen display.

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