Basil Parsley Salsa Verde Recipe

It's the end of summer and you've got a ton of herbs leftover in your garden just begging to be used. Since dried herbs are notoriously bland, why not make them into a fresh salsa verde and get one last hurrah from your summer harvest. Salsa verde, chimichurri, sauce verte--call it what you will--it's a deliciously versatile green herb sauce used in every corner of the world that goes great on everything from meat to seafood to vegetables. Countless combinations of herbs can be used to make sals......
Step 1


1/4 c olive oil 1/2 c parsley leaves 1/2 c basil leaves 15 chives 2 cloves garlic zest of 2 lemons

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Step 2

Preparation of Salsa Verde

  1. Using a sharp Global chef’s knife, begin chopping the garlic with about 1/3 of the basil and parsley leaves.
  2. Once roughly chopped, fold in 1/3 more basil and parsley and chop everything together.
  3. Fold in remaining basil and continue chopping until herb mixture is finely minced.
  4. Place herb mixture and lemon zest into a glass container and stir in enough olive oil to cover the herbs.
  5. Salsa verde can be stored in the refrigeration for several weeks.
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